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Gary's Weekly

Protecting Your Identity

It shouldn't be news to you at this point that Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the country, was recently hacked. The hackers were able to gain access to consumers' names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses and, in some cases, more. That information is extremely powerful in a digital world, and the number of consumers affected totals 143 million. [...]

Fiduciary Ruling Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Every one of you Gary Scheer's Weekly Updates readers should be familiar with the DOL’s fiduciary rule (the one requiring all financial advisors who provide investment advice to retirement accounts to act in their clients’ best interest). Several of these articles have explained what the rule means, what will change, how it will affect you, and—most relevant to today’s discussion—when it will start to affect you. [...]

Do I Need Long-Term Care? It is Not That Simple

Most people can easily add up their monthly expenses to come up with a basic budget but how do you budget in the unknown costs of potential long term care? There's no easy answer but I've figured out a formula that helped hundreds of my clients and I love sharing it with people [...]

Paying Medical Bills: Understand Your Options

I was counseling a buddy of mine last week, Robert, and his wife, Sara, who just had twins. The babies are their second and third children in as many years of marriage. But Robert and Sara are doing great. Tired, but great. As we talked, Robert mentioned having to pay off the hospital bills that he put on a credit card. Now, Robert has a pretty good job and he and his wife have good insurance, but there are still a lot of costs associated with having a baby (or two in his case). [...]

Traits of Financial Success You Can Understand

I love using comparisons to simplify and explain difficult life concepts. Hopefully, you readers have come to appreciate them as many of these financial columns use my penchant for comparisons to explain difficult financial concepts. I believe that drawing comparisons to something familiar is an easy way to take a complicated topic and discuss it in a way that people can understand. [...]

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