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Paying Medical Bills: Understand Your Options

I was counseling a buddy of mine last week, Robert, and his wife, Sara, who just had twins. The babies are their second and third children in as many years of marriage. But Robert and Sara are doing great. Tired, but great. As we talked, Robert mentioned having to pay off the hospital bills that he put on a credit card. Now, Robert has a pretty good job and he and his wife have good insurance, but there are still a lot of costs associated with having a baby (or two in his case). [...]

Traits of Financial Success You Can Understand

I love using comparisons to simplify and explain difficult life concepts. Hopefully, you readers have come to appreciate them as many of these financial columns use my penchant for comparisons to explain difficult financial concepts. I believe that drawing comparisons to something familiar is an easy way to take a complicated topic and discuss it in a way that people can understand. [...]

Financial Opportunities For Military Families

Today, I want to talk about a very important career, one that has some unique financial benefits that should not be overlooked: a career in the military. This is not an exhaustive list of the financial opportunities available to members of our military. And anyone who may be entitled to any such benefits should speak to a professional about their options. Our servicemembers make incredible sacrifices and should be taking advantage of any benefits available to them. [...]

Riding The Social Security Merry-Go-Round

A few weeks ago, Social Security's board of trustees issued its annual report, which stated that we have just 17 years left of solvent Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund and Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund (together referred to as the OASDI). [...]

It’s Not Just Your Kids Who Need Help

We have written a few articles recently about parents trying to help their children become financially responsible adults. We’ve talked about young kids, high school-age kids, even young adults. And although many parents are vigilant about their kids’ financial future simply because they love them and want them to be successful, deep down we all know that a few decades down the road, the tides will turn, and it will be those same kids who will be charged with protecting our well-being [...]

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