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Potential Tax Bills and Your Strategy for the Cost of College

Both the House and the Senate are introducing bills that will affect the financial future of a significant number of Americans. These bills may benefit some people, and they may also be harmful to others, depending on how they are finalized and which version of them (if any) passes. The one guarantee is that the government wants and needs money, it's just a matter of who will be paying them, and how. [...]

Are You Spending Too Much?

I give a lot of financial advice, which is probably why they named my profession "financial advisor". When I speak with people individually, I give specific advice on how they can be more financially secure and responsible. These answers are different for every person and every situation, but in all of my experience and conversations as a financial advisor there is one basic piece of advice that I think can put every individual in a better financial position. It's advice that I watched my parents live by, and advice that I have always tried to live by. Honestly, it's probably advice that nearly everyone tries to live by, and likely thinks that they are living by. [...]

Understanding Your Employee Benefits Program

When many of us think about what our job provides, we immediately think of a salary. It's the most obvious form of compensation. It's a number that is added to our bank accounts each month. It's easy to add up, and easy to compare to other jobs, people, and opportunities. But, it is only one small part of your employment benefits. The political climate in the past decade has placed a spotlight on health insurance, and costs associated with it. [...]

Rebalancing: When, Where, and (most importantly) Why?

When it comes to your risk tolerance, you may have decided a few years ago to invest a large percentage of savings in stocks and remaining percent in bonds. Over time, these different portions grow at different rates, and can knock off the original balance between the two. A new study from Wells Fargo and Gallup discovered that this is likely the case for the majority of investors, as less than half bother to rebalance their portfolios and match their target mix to their risk tolerance at least once a year. [...]

Tips for Capturing More Money in Retirement

Did you know that the average person in America retires with a net worth of around $200,000? One might think that this sounds like a lot of money, but the truth is, when combined with the average Social Security retiree benefit, this provides a spending lifestyle of around $24,000 a year, which won't cut for most retirees. [...]

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