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What Is Your Inflation Rate?

Their current combination of CDs and a splattering of outdated buy-and-hold mutual funds will not get them to their goal, since there is no inflation hedge. I explained that while certain investments might seem to give a decent return, when you build inflation into their current investment model, it actually shows a loss of purchasing power over time. [...]

Cyber Security; Protecting Your Loved Ones

It’s widely known that cyber security and financial security are closely related. That’s why it’s important to educate your parents and grandparents about the dangers of hacking, phishing, and identity theft. As our loved ones grow older, most of us bear increasing responsibility for their health, safety, and financial well being. If your parents and grandparents fall prey to the many predators found on the internet, it could have a major impact on your own finances. [...]

What’s Your Kid’s Probability Of Success?

Recently, I arrived at the moment in my life that all parents dread: my oldest daughter, Maeve, brought home math homework that surpassed my abilities. Even though I feel like I have a leg up on most parents because I do math every day for my job, I knew I was in trouble once they started adding letters, symbols and formulas. [...]

Looking Beyond The Fiduciary Stamp Of Approval

This new rule paints the industry with a broad stroke and it's your job to dig through the details and find out what your advisor is required to do, and if they are the right advisor for you. In order to help you folks do that, I thought we would take the time we have together this week to suggest some questions to ask that may help you through this discovery process. [...]

Solving The Money Problems In Your Marriage

Now, I'm not a marriage counselor, but having a financial professional who is able to clearly set out steps and guidelines to follow in order to reach agreed-upon financial goals, can lessen the number of arguments that go something like, "We can afford it!" "No, we can't!" [...]

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